Treatment Type: Scoliosis

Scoliosis by Mehmet Aydoğan

Besides every kind of vertebra surgeries such as vertebra fractures, lumbar narrow canal, herniated disc surgery, laminectomy and minimal invasive surgeries of these, Scoliosis is the major type of surgery that Prof. Aydoğan performs. Treatment plan changes due to the growing potential of the adolescence, the degree of the curve, the localization of the scoliosis …

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Scoliosis by Muharrem İnan

One of the main treatments that Prof. İnan has successfully been performing in his clinic Ortopediatri Pediatric Orthopedics Academy is Scoliosis. Holding sub-specialty on Pediatric Orthopedics, he has founded his Academy to focus better on children. Today his academy is capable of performing any orthopedics surgery and/or treatment that can be done. Prof. Muharrem İnan …

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