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02 WE REPRESENT ELITE HANDPICKED PHYSCIANS We purposely work with a handful of physicians who have unquestionable success story and admired life-long achievements. View 03 HIPEC;
a contemporary surgical oncology procedure
Do you know with HIPEC procedure it is possible to reach the ultimate goal of tumor surgery which is to reach
tumor-free tissue in abdomen.

How Does Our Free Service Work?

Just reach us once. Thereafter Medicaright will take care of everything you need

How Does Our Free Service Work?

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Get in Touch With Us and Tell Us About Yourself

You may just click on the contact buttons or send a mail to info@medicaright.com 

Tell Us About Your Health Situation in Your Own Language

We will reach and ask you to describe your heath condition or the treatment option that you are looking for.

Send Us Your Recent Medical Reports, Images, Pictures etc.

Every medical record you have related to your situation is important for us to make a thorough evaluation of your case.

Top Physicians Evaluate Your Case For Free 2nd Opinon

Per every specific treatment, Medicaright works with a specific network of elite physicians.

Receive Your Treatment Plan And Budget With Alternatives

We will try to provide at a least 2 treatment options

Get Assistance With Your Visa, Transportation And Accommodation

We will help you arrange your flight and the most convenient hotel according to your preference.

We Welcome You at The Gates & Guide Afterwards

You will not be alone. Our team will find you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel/hospital. 

7/24 Assistance With a Multilingual Team Till Your Leave

You are welcomed to contact our 7/24 team for your needs. We will be happy to help you.

Why you should work with us?

Only the right way.

Medicaright Works With a Narrow Network of Handpicked Physicians

In Medicaright, we place great importance on the physicians we represent and whom introduce to you. We pick physicians who have unquestionable success stories and admired life-long achievements and whom we introduce to you.

International Patient Centers of Hospitals will naturally promote their physicians and argue that all of their physicians in every medical branch are top-level physicians. Can you believe that one hospital might have all the best physicians in each and every discipline? Frankly speaking, there is no such hospital in the world!

Needless to say every hospital says “we have the best physicians”. And each and every health tourism agency argues that whichever hospitals they represent “has the best treatment options”. Too many “bests”… How can all of these be true at the same time?

Physicians that are presented in Medicaright are only here because of their superior medical performance. We don’t accept any payment from our network physicians to represent them in Medicaright.


Our Services

Medicaright provides A-Z services 7/24

Free 2nd Opinion and Treatment Plan

We refer your case to our network

Online Consultancy

In case you would like to have a conversation

Travel Planning

Medicaright guides you with the procedure

Coordination with the Hospital

Before your arrival, we coordinate with your Physician & related

Coordination with your Insurance

In case your insurance covers


We organize all transfers among airport-hotel-hospital for free

7/24 Assistance

Medicaright provides 7/24 assistance in your own language

Patient Advocacy

Medicaright team tries to maintain a healthy communication

Our Team

Founders of Medicaright have been working in the private healthcare sector for 25 years of which the last 15 years are particularly focused on the treatment of international patients. They have worked for the best-known hospital chains of Turkey such as Acibadem, Koç University, Medicalpark, and Bayindir and managed international patients organizations of these groups.     


Co-founder & Managing Partner

I will not say “That’s it”. Never… I kept working hard and when that moment came, I just knew I was ready for my own venture

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