Why Turkey?

Listen to our physicians’ opinions about why Turkey should be amongst the leading choices for international patients.
And how to select the right center.

Written by

Severcan M. Eralp

In the last decade, Turkey has shown a very high performance and has been attracting more and more international patients every year. This undoubtedly carries us into a handful of countries to attract patients from all over the world. How did this happen? Let’s listen to our physicians.

Prof. Türker Kılıç highlights the “education and experience of the Turkish physicians” as the first factor and states that this has its roots back in 1950’ies. Second is the “technology” which fostered in the last 10-15 years.

He gives the example from himself when commenting on how to choose the right physician and center. When he is sick and have to visit a physician, he evaluates 3 factors:

  • Where was the education of the doctor? Was it a reputable and/or internationally acknowledged faculty or institution ?
  • Academical performance of that physician
  • The experience of the doctor, on that specific treatment that the patient will undergo

Prof. Topgül highlights “investment into the facility and human resource simultaneously” and “geographical location”. After the health reform in the 2000s, hospitals not only became to hold very modern facilities technology technology-wise, but also posses very well-educated physicians, nurses, and medical staff. The geographical location which is enhanced with a powerful airline network also contributed to being a hub of the world that connects east-west, north-south.

While deciding on the center to chose, Prof. Koray Topgül recommends international patents to carefully evaluate the experience of the physician on that particular treatment and the facilities of the hospital that will host the treatment. Specifically, about his own focus on Surgical Oncology, he also mentions the depth of medical branches in the hospital as a factor to be considered, since surgical oncology highly requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Prof. Baytan describes Turkey as the rising star of health tourism due to technological infrastructure and human resources. He refers to managing the COVID pandemic and compares Turkey’s performance and well-developed countries, formerly described to have advanced medical systems. “We come from an educational background where we are used to treating a high volume of cases and high variety of difficult cases.”.

He also refers to his specific focus, Bone Marrow Transplantation, and points at the importance of TURKÖK as a very powerful bank that is able to provide the match within 2 months. He also states that the medical success rate of the treatment is highly competitive with European centers or higher even in some state-owned hospitals.

A sophisticated, well-trained team of physicians and modern hospital facilities to host the treatment are referred by Prof. Mauharrem İnan as the main factors in favor of Turkey. “Now you are online and can search every doctor you visit. Please take the number of the surgery of the surgeon and his/her experience into account first. The overall success of specified physicians who focus on a particular area of treatment is always higher.”

Prof. Nejat Akalın states that within Turkey, the level of health services is far above the level of any other infrastructural systems that we have. He also refers to 1950’ies, just like Prof. Türker Kılıç has mentioned above, as a period when successful people were picked up to be sent abroad for training and brought the modern level of medicine to Turkey.  These physicians and their successors kept on getting it better and better. “We are quite crowded compared to lots of countries. At least at the moment, 80 million people provide you lots of cases which we can experience.”

Prof. Akalın continues his words by his recommendations to international patients: “From the perspective of patients, ı think they are mıch luckier than 20-30 years ago. Because almost anywhere in the world has the access to information. Actually, before picking up their doctor and institution they would have enough change to compare and to choose their doctors.”